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Interview with Dr. Kajita about KamiokaLab

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About KamiokaLab

Image that Dr. Kajita is interviewed

Dr. Kajita, in your opinion what is the KamiokaLab?

Kind of mysterious! We have been studying underground in Kamioka for a long time. Since it is deep underground, we were not able to show our work to others.  I am sure that everyone was curious about what we are doing. At KamiokaLab, I think that people will be able to clearly understand what kind of work we are doing there.

Who do you want to visit KamiokaLab?

Image that Dr. Kajita is interviewed

Everyone. Of course I hope the locals from Kamiokacho, too! I want them to know about the work being done at Super-Kamiokande and KAGRA. I hope people who are interested in science will visit. Of course, I want the people who stop at the rest area to visit our facility and become interested in science.

If you could introduce only one display from KamiokaLab, what it would be?

I think it must be the Wonder Ship, which explains the inside of Super-Kamiokande using a huge screen. It is definitely the main exhibition.

What role you are expecting KamiokaLab to perform in the future?

We have been studying in Kamioka for over 35 years. I hope our current research will continue to make steady progress. I would like KamiokaLab to introduce our data as we progress.

When are you planning to start observations at the new Hyper-Kamiokande?

We are hoping to start observation from the late 2020s.

What is the purpose of the Hyper-Kamiokande?

Our ultimate goal is to study neutrinos.

It is a very important subatomic particle, and, there is absolutely a need for further study. We definitely should conduct this research at the Hyper-Kamiokande. There are various methods to observe neutrinos. We also need to study proton decay.

Please tell us about your new experiments at the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, University of Tokyo.

In terms of the research we will do underground in Kamioka in the near future, we are trying to start observing gravitational waves using KAGRA at the end of next year.

We are putting in a lot of hard work, so you can expect some big results. At the same time, we are planning to start new observations using a new device, which is a remodeled Super Kamiokande apparatus. This device is able to observe supernova explosions which occurred in space in the past, so you can anticipate big results from this new research from Super Kamiokande.

What do you think about showing your research in Kamioka?

Our Super-Kamikande study has been shown in many places, but exhibiting the results where the experiments are actually being done is especially meaningful. It is very important that people visiting KamioLab understand that the research they are seeing and learning about was actually conducted locally here in Kamioka.

Finally, do you have any words for the citizens of Hida?

Image of Dr. Kajita's smile

Sure. As I mentioned earlier, we have been studying in Hida for over 35 years. I hope we can form a close relationship with the people from Hida through KamiokaLab. I would like to say “Thank you!” to Mayor Tsuzuku for deciding to make such a wonderful facility. In addition, I have heard that a part of our funding comes from a corporative version of the hometown tax deduction system. We are very grateful to every company who agreed to support us.

Coverage date:November 11, 2018



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